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Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite time of year – specifically when I get to hang out with funny and cool people and it is 23 degrees out. Christa and David put on a very elegant event at the luxurious Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park. A fairly intimate wedding with flawless weather, hilarious and charming guests and beautiful decor. My job is great because a part of me loves getting to know so many different couples and seeing the unique connection that each one of them has! For David and Christa – there is a undeniable closeness, trust and wordless connection that is really special. The looks they exchange and the way he gets her laughing made the day very inspiring. Congratulations on everything to both of you, it was an awesome event and I wish you all the best in your lives together.


Edward Ross

Kevin is my little cousin who grew up tall, talented, and cool. (Hate when that happens! ) I always thought of him like a little brother, and I was honored that he wanted me to be a part of his wedding celebration. (They even changed their date so I could be available)! Well, it worked out just about perfectly.

Some may recall the very cool engagement session we did for this fun couple with the western theme! I felt it was more art than portraits and set the stage for a pretty cool wedding. The big day finally arrived and it could not have been better. Laura was radiant, and you could not get the smile off of her face no matter what the entire day! Great weather in a beautiful city and family and friends that were so fun to be with and were engaged in every moment.

We had so much fun shooting and laughing the entire day, and time just flew by.

Laura and Kevin are often referred to as  the perfect couple, and I have to agree whole-heartedly. They are just a brilliant fit with each other, and they are the perfect example of finding the “one.” You are both very lucky!

I’ve seen you grow up Kevin, and become the man you are today and I was very proud to see you marry the woman of your dreams. I know that a lifetime of happiness is in the works for you guys, and I’m looking forward to sharing the next chapters with you as well. My very best.


  • Kevin - Great job Ed! Can’t wait to see some of these blown up.

  • Jackie - Great pics Ed! They are such a cute couple!

  • Amira - Amira wrote:
    “Wow. Beautiful photos”

  • Laura - Laura wrote:
    “Incredible pictures Ed!  Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see the rest :)”

I first met Vivian and Andy on Sylvie and Randy’s Cuba destination wedding. We had some fun shooting some pre-bridal and engagement sessions, and I was looking forward to working with them on their wedding day. I am flying at the end of November to Hong Kong to shoot their wedding celebration with their family there and I could not be more honored or excited. Visually over-stimulated is how I imagine it will be. Perfect for a photographer!

Andy and Vivian are best friends. There is no better way to describe how perfectly suited they are to each other. Very casual and comfortable, yet deeply in love with each other! I knew this in Cuba seeing them together, and now that I have worked with them a couple times I recognize the special bond they have and appreciate how they are together even more. I am very excited for Hong Kong, and I know we will have an amazing time and make some amazing images together.

All my best, and we’ll chat soon.


A little sprinkle of rain, mixed with a glorious bout of sunshine makes for just about the perfect conditions for awesomeness. I had the true honor of photographing Alicia and Jayme’s wedding and we got a little bit of everything for their photos. A lovely close family with beautiful and heartfelt moments throughout the day kept me inspired and trying to push the envelope of creativity. There were so many little vignettes  that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few for the blog. Thanks for the great day – and for being open for anything I could think of. You are a very cool couple with a brilliant future ahead of you, and I wish you my best.

  • admin - Ed, I don’t want to keep commenting on other peoples photo albums, but WOW! That photo of Alicia in front of the church, with the veil… That’s one in a million! And I love the Renaissance treatment you gave it. The other one of her that looks like an old painting is cool, too, but that veil picture – unvelievable!


  • Britanny Dalby - Brittany wrote:
    “Wow – these are magical! That veil shot is unreal!”