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One of the best parts about posting these weddings, is I get to relive some of my summer memories. Stephanie and Carmine were an absolute treat to work with, and we had all the elements a photographer could ask for – outdoor wedding, beautiful settings, brilliant couple in love and of course a bright yellow Mercury! Classic, elegant, sexy and fun…. all the things a wedding should be.

Congrats guys… all the best!

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  • jtimages - It is an extremely interesting website with pictures full of living colors.

Many thanks to all of the great brides and vendors that stopped by our booth on Sunday. It was great meeting you and hearing all about your plans!

A special thanks to my brothers Mike and Dan Ross for putting together this new booth concept for me, and to Candace from Urban Barn (One of my fantastic brides) who lent me the furniture for the show.

It was a great success, and we had some fantastic feedback. 

Give us a call at 403-371-9996 or send us an email to to set up a free consultation.

Here are some images of the booth for those who could not attend – 








  • Truong - I saw this booth while I was there, I really liked the concept. The way it was setup was more personal and allowed you to connect with your couples better. Definitely creative!

  • admin - Thanks – it was a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

  • Jackie Peterson - Wow! Great job guys!

Another incredible day in the mountains and I got to spend it with Christine and Donald. One of the most unique and entertaining weddings I have ever witnessed. 

Plaid suits for the groomsmen, and a paper airplane competition at the reception. So many brilliant moments with family and friends and so much energy throughout the day.

2400-Christine&DonaldThanks for letting me be a part of it, and many years of happiness to you both.


  • Doreen Orman - Christine and Donald – Thank you for your thank you. Great to hear from you. I love the photos. Your travels sound wonderful and congrats to Taylor.

    Auntie Doreen

Family portraits should be more than just a pretty picture… they should represent what  your family is about.

I had a great time with the very cool Stoski clan, and we created some awesome urban photos. Big into biking, with a real sense of fashion and flair this family had a great style.

Even the little dude had just the right mix of attitude for this style.

Check it out. 



  • Brandi - I love, love, love these!!! Great work!

  • admin - Thanks Brandi,

    They were a lot of fun to work with!